Florida Romantic Escapes

Florida Lighthouses to Make Best Romantic Escapes

Florida lighthouses are scattered across its coastlines. The state is home to collections of lighthouses, including some of the oldest and tallest in America.

Central East Florida Condo Rentals

Where to Find the Best Central East Florida Condo Rentals

To enjoy a Florida vacation in its Central East region, we encourage vacationers to choose the best, family-friendly Central East Florida condo rentals to stay.

Amazing Miami vacation playlist

13 Amazing Music to Adorn Your Miami Vacation Playlist

Miami a perfect feast for the senses. If you are a music lover, add these songs to your Miami vacation playlist. The city will never disappoint its visitors.

Florida Vacation Rental Features

Unique Features That Stand out Florida Vacation Rentals

No matter where you want to vacation with your near and dear ones Florida vacation rentals will help you make the most of your holiday in the Sunshine State.

Haunted Places to Visit in Florida

Dare to Go to These Most Haunted Places to Visit in Florida

Will you believe that Florida has a spooky past too? This is hard to believe, but true. We bring you a list of the most haunted places to visit in Florida.

Luxury Spa Vacation in Florida

How to Plan a Luxury Spa Vacation in Florida – Sexiest Spas

Florida is home to luxury spas that will intrigue you and your bae to unwind with side-by-side massages. Here’s how to plan a luxury spa vacation in Florida.