cheap Florida family vacation destinations

10 Best Cheap Florida Family Vacations – Budget Trip Ideas

Florida is known to be a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Our best cheap Florida family vacation ideas will leave you “turn up and turn on the fun”.

Florida Travel Tips

Florida Travel Tips - How to Plan Your Next Vacation

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Best Golf Courses in Florida

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Florida (Mostly Beachfront)

For world-class golf players, Florida has long been a magnificent place. The Sunshine State boasts more than 1,250 golf courses (many of them have public access).

Florida vacation rental

Florida Vacation Rentals - Florida Villas vs. Apartments

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Pet friendly Beaches in Florida

Best Pet-friendly Beaches in Florida | Vacation Rentals

As you recline on the soft-sandy beaches, your pooch will find numerous ways to keep itself busy. Here are some of the best pet-friendly beaches in Florida.

Pet friendly Places

Best Pet-friendly Vacation Hotspots in Florida – Top Places

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