Weekend Gateways in Florida

7 Day Trips from Miami

Day Trips from Miami – Where to Spend a Day in Florida

A short hop away from Miami will give you glimpses of some of the well-known attractions. Check out the best day trips from Miami to fill your days with memories.

Outdoor Activities in Florida

Best Outdoor Activities in Florida for All Age Groups

Planning a trip to the Sunshine State? Check this post out before heading to the sun-kissed state and immerse in the best outdoor activities in Florida.

Best Nude Beaches in Florida

Best Nude Beaches in Florida with Travel Tips – Bare it All!

There are several best nude beaches in Florida to plunk yourself down in the sand and shed your skivvies. Here are some amazing places to go au natural.

Healthy Vacations

Go on Vacation, Your Heart Will Thank You – Medical Proof

Traveling opens the door for many opportunities and widens your knowledge about different countries, traditions, and cultures. It has numerous health benefits too.

Florida Weekend Gateways

Top-notch Florida Weekend Getaways Destinations for Families

Be it the big city fun or the island adventures, Florida weekend getaways make the ultimate escapes for families looking to unwind and bury all worries.

Things to pack

Florida Trip – Things to Pack for a Florida Vacation

No matter what intrigues you the most in Florida, you have got to pack wisely and travel smartly. Check this post to know things to pack for a Florida vacation.


A destination like Florida can never run out of weekend holiday options. The south-easternmost American state takes pride in its big cities, pristine beaches, secluded getaways, sandy shores, and delicious gourmet. Hit the most crowded beaches in Miami for a big city experience, aim at escaping the maddening hustle and slip into a sleepy old fishing hamlet, or maybe a quaint seaside spa getaway will do the job – in fact, the weekend getaways in Florida are as varied as they get.

Weekend Getaways with Nightlife

So, you desperately need a bustling beach destination with electrifying nightlife complimented by beachy bliss, nightclubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants? This beautiful global tourist destination has no dearth of such weekend getaways. Places like Clearwater Beach, South Beach, Miami Beach, and the Florida Keys will surely pique your interests.