Florida Keys Vacation amid Corona virus

Corona virus (COVID-19) and Its Impact on Florida Keys Vacation

The only good news is that there ain’t confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Keys, confirmed by Bob Eadie. Should you plan a Florida Keys vacation? Read on!

Florida vacation affected with Corona virus

Know About Florida Vacation on the Wake of COVID-19 Outbreak

Florida is not anymore the happiest place on earth. COVID-19 has forced travelers to the state to stay indoors. If you are planning a Florida vacation, think again!

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Islamorada - A gem destination

Plan a Visit to Islamorada, a Gem of a Destination in Florida

Islamorada showcases a perfect amalgamation of both refined & edge. Boasting a mix of high and low, Islamorada is truly a gem of a destination in Florida.

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Most Popular Upcoming Summer 2020 Events and Festivals in Florida

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Most Occupied Orlando Vacation Rentals

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