Solo Travel Photography Tips

Solo Travel Photography Tips: How to Take Pictures Like a Pro – Great Tips

When it comes to taking a perfect shot that would adorn your Instagram profile, you can’t take risks. You will make sure your friend uses some great skills while clicking a perfect snap. And if you are traveling solo, who will take your picture?

Traveling solo bequeaths you a plethora of advantages. It allows you to not only explore the world on your terms but also discover yourself. If taking pictures is your forte and you wish to hone your skill, embark on a solo trip to make the most of this hidden talent.

“Can I take pretty pictures of myself while on the go?” If this question arises in your mind, you are not alone. In this article, we would like to shed some light on some of the highly-recommended solo travel photography tips for people who like to explore the world alone. The following photography tips will help you click pictures like a professional.

Solo Travel Photography Tips That Will Turn You a Professional Photographer

Stop not until you become a highly-skilled photographer. These photography tips by some of the most popular travel bloggers and photographers around the world will ensure you become a pro by the time you return to your home.

How Can You Click Photos on Solo Traveling – Pro Tips

  1. Know-How to Use a Tripod: Thinking of carrying a tripod while on the go? This is probably the best thing you can do if you wish to take some breathtaking photos of yourself while the picturesque landscape adorning the backdrop. You must learn the tricks to use a tripod. Many believe that tripods are ideal for DSLR cameras. That’s not the truth. You can fix your smartphones onto the tripod and get some incredible shots. Tripods make for the best choice when you are indulged in rigorous activities like hiking and trekking. For still pictures, nothing could come in as handy as tripods.
  2. Look for a Sturdy Surface: Maybe, you find it hard to carry a tripod or you don’t have one. That’s okay. But, you need to make sure that the surface you wish to place your camera is sturdy and steady. Also, solo travelers have to take a little precaution and ensure there’s no one else around. This will save you from possible theft.
  3. Selfie Sticks Can Be Awesome Too: If you find a tripod to be an expensive investment, what about a selfie stick? There’s nothing wrong carrying a selfie stick and clicking pictures in a public area. But, if you are embarrassed to that (like quite a few people), wait for the right place when no one is around. Selfie sticks are portable and are easy to carry to various places.
  4. Befriend Strangers: Known for years as a not-so-great strategy! But, if you can pleasantly talk to strangers and be friendly with them, the job is not tough anymore. Ask someone politely if he or she would be fine taking a picture of yours. Remember to do it the nicest way possible. Another important thing to keep in mind is that while asking strangers to take pictures take a minute to explain how to operate your camera. Not everyone is well-versed with the model you are carrying. If you own an SLR camera, tell the person how to use it to get the maximum result.
  5. Carry Your Camera Gear with Utmost Care: Like the tripod, if you are carrying other travel camera gear items like camera strap, cleaning kit, SD memory card, external flash, batteries, charger, primary lens, and remote shutter release, you have to deal with great care. Some people carry quite an expensive camera lens that cannot be mishandled.
  6. Try a Different Angle for Better Snaps: Why do you have to click from the same angle when clicking pictures from new angles offer stunning results? It has been observed people often take selfies and upload them on their social media accounts. While it creates a monotonous impact, trying out a new angle will give you flawless photos that you will take pride in.
  7. Why Face – Focus on Random Body Parts: As you change your angle, it is time to get random body parts into the frame. Creativity sees no confinement. Maybe, you would love to take a half picture of your body or just a hand or anything that you think would be a great idea. Many renowned bloggers have tried it and boast gorgeous photos on their timeline. Showcase the landscape that lies before you while posing with only legs. Sitting on top of the mountains hanging your legs below and angling the camera for an incredible shot – that’s a stunning idea.
  8. Fellow Travelers or Groups: Traveling solo doesn’t mean you cannot join a group or sign up for a travel program that has fellow travelers. When you are accompanied by fellow travelers, you are on the positive side. People who are apprehensive about asking strangers would love to join a group. As you develop a bond with them, seeking help for captivating pictures seems a fascinating choice.
  9. Remote Control: Should you opt for the remote control? Is it a great choice? If you ask a traveler about his choice of carrying a remote control, he would possibly agree. One valid reason why you should get a remote control is that you cannot run between the distance of your camera and your photo spot. Having a remote control would enable you to control your every shot.
  10. Avoid Distractions and Learn Using Manual: Autofocus is a good choice to take a photo when you are newly handling a camera. If you are using it for quite some time now, better learn some skills. Read the manual or experiment it by yourself. When you are aiming for a perfect shot, you cannot simply be carried away. You have to focus, use your skill, and take that great snap you have been longing for.

Smartphone Travel Photography Tips

Technology is omnipresent in this day and age – from daily wagers to high-profile corporate employees. How can travelers be escaped from the clutches of technology? With smartphones in hand, people start taking pictures at every nook and corner of the city. These smart devices have made everyone a pro. Here are some awesome smartphone travel photography tips to follow if you wish to take stunning pictures.

  • Set Timer for Multiple Shots to Filter the Best One: While some go on clicking selfies for limitless time, you can look for a great background where you can set a timer on your phone for multiple photos. It helps you give impressions and poses. Pick the one and delete others. This technique is often forgotten. You can accomplish the task using a tripod. If you don’t have one, a sturdy and steady surface will do the job.
  • Smartphones with High Mexa-pixel Camera: Sometimes it feels like why would you add up that extra burden with a camera in your bag when a smartphone does the job meticulously? Most phones come equipped with high resolution, high MP cameras that can capture amazing photos.
  • Know the Settings: Go to the settings of your camera and start experimenting for some awesome shots. You don’t need to try everything on AUTO mode when you can achieve the impossible with the manual mode.
  • Consider a Full Face Selfie: Wide angles are great. But, when you take that frequently, it becomes monotonous. Creative geniuses would give a full face selfie a try for a better outcome. Are you enough thoughtful and creative?
  • Impactful Long Arm Selfie: Got a stunning backdrop comprising a gorgeous lake and soaring mountain? Don’t hesitate for a long arm selfie. This will have more impact on the area and the picture will be more aesthetic and stunning.

The Best Way to Shoot a Video by Yourself

Florida is one of the travel hotspots not only in the United States but in the world that entices all types of visitors irrespective of their age. If you are young and vibrant and wish to enjoy the vacation to the fullest, why not carry a smart device to capture memories and cherish for a lifetime. For this, you must learn the best way to shoot a video by yourself.

Action cameras do the job in the most professional way. The next big thing to focus on if you are serious about shooting a great video by yourself is contemplating over camera gears. This is largely based on the camera that you are carrying. Once you get the video, learn how to edit them professionally.

Work on the camera setting before the trip. This helps you get acquainted with the device.

With all the tips and tricks at your disposal, how excited are you to take that perfect shot like a pro?


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