If you are willing to use our service, we encourage you to go through the “Privacy Policy” and know how serious we are about protecting your personal information, privacy, and security. This particular section describes that while using the website we may collect some of your information (personal or otherwise received on the official website of SFR); however, the dedicated team maintains the privacy of each and every user of SFR. The team further ensures that personal information is not manhandled at any cost. At Search Florida Rentals, we hide nothing and keep everything transparent and present straightforward information, which helps our users to take the right decision – whether or not to continue with SFR and use any of its services and products.

Familiarize with Common Terms

When the ‘Privacy Policy’ of Search Florida Rentals uses terms like “SFR”, “Search Florida Rentals”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Team”, “website”, and “It”, it directly refers to the official company of Search Florida Rentals, which is responsible for protecting and safeguarding the user’s information under this particular section. And terms like “You”, “Your”, “User”, “Those”, “Patrons”, “Guests”, “Vacationers”, “Travelers”, and “Company”, refer to the Users of the Website.

Website Information

Users must note that SFR is a vacation rental marketplace where it connects the property managers and homeowners with vacationers or travelers to make business. To carry out this task, we have a team of highly-trained professionals that is well-versed with state-of-the-art tools and technologies. The owners of Florida vacation rentals are encouraged to advertise their properties on SFR only after understanding the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use sections.

Understanding Visitor’s Needs

We take personally-identifying information that you share on the website of Search Florida Rentals as well as non-personally-identifying information (referring sites, browser type, date and time, language preference, etc.) that SFR collects into our consideration only to provide our patrons better service.

Information Search Florida Rentals Collects

Property owners or travelers who wish to do transactions on the Official website of SFR or feel like interacting with the experts need to reveal their information, depending upon the type of interaction they want. They may have to give their email ID, billing address, username and mobile number while signing up for the service. There are occasions when we ask for additional information, such as financial information, etc. to complete transactions. However, our patrons can always choose to not provide personally-identifying information or any additional information if they do not wish to engage in website-related activities.

Disclose and Protection of Personal Data and Information

The Website reserves the right to reveal the personal data of the user as per the law of the nation. It may disclose the information if it is a compulsion, such as to comply with a court order or judicial proceeding served upon SearchFloridaRentals, legal process or personal safety; thus, protecting the sovereignty of both the users and the company. Moreover, it may also reveal the information, i.e. potentially personally-identifying information to various affiliated organizations, contractors, its employees, etc. only to complete the transaction process on behalf of Search Florida Rentals. These affiliated organizations, employees, and contractors have, therefore, agreed not to divulge the information of our users. At no cost, the Company will misuse the information of the user.

Users’ Access to Personal Data

At any point of time whenever a user wishes to edit his/ her personal information or delete complete personal data, he/ she is most welcome to carry out the task effortlessly. At the same time, the users must understand the Website will not entertain or decline requests that would eventually jeopardize the privacy of the SFR or require unbalanced technical effort or pose threat to others.

Email Marketing and Company Notification

From time to time, the Organization releases newsletters, publishes blogs, and other important notices. Users can access to these services and get notifications by subscribing to our Website. Anyone wishes to withdraw or deactivate the services can simply do that by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the mail.

Usage of Cookies to Identify and Track the Behavior of Website Users

As a global website, we tend to keep a track on all the activities happening or taking place on Search Florida Rentals. Using cookies, the dedicated team will track the visitors and understand their requirements.


Based on your usage of the Website (thanks to cookies - those who have set on their computer), the advertising partners run ads to deliver targeted advertisements to the right patrons. Such ads, in most cases, are filtered and serve the purpose by recognizing the desired user.


Any kind of information once put on the Internet is not 100% secure and safe. However, we, at Search Florida Rentals, are committed to protect your privacy and not disclose any of the data. The tech-savvy personnel will do their best to make certain that the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to jeopardize any kind of security breach in the privacy policy. If there is a security breach, our patrons will immediately be notified about the same via email. This will help you take instant steps to uphold your data.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We reiterate the fact that Search Florida Rentals will keep adding or modifying this space/ section from time to time depending upon the need. This will entirely be the sole discretion of the Company. SFR also likes to maintain that in case there is any change, it would be minor. So, users are encouraged to keep visiting this page for updates.

Future Merger and Sale

Whatever information the Website receives in the process becomes an asset of SFR. If in future there are talks regarding a sale or merge with another organization or entity, the data/ personal information of users may be sold or transferred without recourse.

Reaching out Search Florida Rentals or Its Team

One would get in touch with the Vacation Rental Entity through the following ways –

  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Address