Terms & Conditions

Before using the Website of SearchFloridaRentals, please read the “Terms and Conditions” section thoroughly. It is hereby maintained that YOU, the user, are not authorized to use the Website or any of its services unless you are 18 years old and agree with the agreement between SFR and you. The “Terms of Use” section together with the “Privacy Policy” governs the relationship arising from your use of the website and taking part in various services.

In order to facilitate you in using the website and its various/ associated services, i.e. Search Florida Rentals, we recommend you go through our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In our “Privacy Policy” page, it has been explained how the Company protects the personal-identifying and non-personal-identifying and safeguards other important information. You will also know how we govern your personal data.

The Terms and Privacy Policy of SearchFloridaRentals are applicable to visitors, travelers, vacationers, users, etc. to the Website, including –

  • Travelers who look for the best vacation destination in Florida.
  • Casual visitors who hardly seek the services (such visitors are also called Site Visitors).
  • Users who actually seek the services, sign-up for the same and contact the team to participate in the Services. Such users are divided into two categories – Renter and Owner. (a) Renters are users who are here to rent a property for the next vacation. (b) Owners are the property owners or managers of the properties for rent available in the particular area.

Here, when we term or refer to as “Registered Users”, it will mean the Owners or the Renters those who have registered for our services. The terms “Search Florida Rentals”, “SFR”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Team”, “Website”, and “It” refer to the official company of Search Florida Rentals. And terms like “You”, “Your”, “User”, “Those”, “Patrons”, “Guests”, “Owners” and “Members”, refer to the Property Managers and Homeowners.

The Website Is a Place, not a Party to Any Rental Agreement or Transaction between Users

We maintain it time and again that users, themselves, are accountable for using the website or participating in any kind of activities, including competing a transaction either for renting a vacation rental or listing a property. The Company does not own or manage any rental property listed on a site. SFR serves as a place or venue where property managers and homeowners would go on listing their properties/ vacation rentals for rent – short-term or long-term rent. SFR, on the other hand, would facilitate online booking by letting users communicate and complete any type of transactions or rental agreements.

Be clear that Search Florida Rentals is not a party to any rental agreement between homeowners and renters even though the Website permits its users to accomplish a task or use any of its services or products.

Abide By Applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations

Users of the Official Website of SFR are encouraged to adhere to the laws and rules of applicable to the use of the site or stay accountable of their use of the service, product, or tool offered by the Company or any kind of transaction taking place on the site. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions you have no right to obtain the data or otherwise use the website, application, or service. Failure to accessing the website, application, or services with respect to the terms and conditions may subject to civil and criminal penalties.

The Members (Homeowners and Property Managers) are also responsible for or agree to stick to the applicable laws, rules, and regulations while listing the rental properties or carrying out rental business, including but not limited to taxes, data and privacy, credit cards, permits or license requirements, fair housing laws, and safety compliance and compliances with anti-discrimination. Even though SearchFloridaRentals is not a party to any rental transaction and does not assume any kind of liability for legal compliance related to rental properties listed on the website, we do not deny it completely that there may be circumstances where SFR provides certain information relating to your private data or data pertaining to listing in order to comply with the government authorities in relation to administrative proceedings, litigation, or investigations. However, we too reserve rights whether to comply with or disregard such responsibility. Property Owners who accept payment via debit card, credit card, net baking, or other payment information from vacationers must admit that they should not disclose any such information complying with applicable laws and legal requirements.

The website, application, or services comprise an online platform with the help of which the accommodation service providers may define listings and travelers should learn how to book accommodation directly. You should understand that the Website is not a party to any agreements defined between the traveler or accommodation service provider. Also, SearchFloridaRentals is not a real estate, broker, or agent and has no control over the activities of accommodation service providers, travelers, or other users of the website, application, or services.

Listing on the Website

While defining a listing on the Site, you should understand that your relationship is limited to a member and an independent, third party contractor. The Company does not have any control or right to control your listing, offline activity, or any other matter related to any listing provided by you. As a Member, you do not give a false impression that you are endorsed by, partner with, or act on behalf of any entity or for the benefit of including by inappropriately using the Website intellectual property.

While accessing or using the Site, application, or service, downloading or posting any content on the website, you imply that you have given the consent to the terms and conditions even if you are not registered with the website or application. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, then you do not have the right to access or use the website.

Measures Taken In Case of Fraudulent Activity

Activities taking place over the Internet are not 100% secure, and SFR does not refute the fact that users will not come across such activities. Whenever any suspicious activity prevails, the dedicated professionals will gear up and take strict actions or measures against it, and let our patrons know about the same. Nevertheless, we do not warrant that such activities or messages are correct or will reach to the users within the stipulated time or our measures will provide safety or have any serious impact.

Making Modifications on the Website

We reserve the right to modify the content of the website, application, or any of its services. The modifications can be made any time and without prior notification. After making any changes in the terms and conditions, we will either update the modifications on the website or provide users with the notification about the same. Also, the Last Updated date will be mentioned on the website. After updating the modifications on the website or sending you the notification, we assume that you are accepting the updated terms and conditions.


The access to our website is solely intended for the persons above the age of 18 years. Any access or use to the website is highly prohibited by anyone below the age of 18 years. In other words, if you are using the website, it implies that you meet the eligibility.

While registering on the official website of SFR, you need to specify certain details such as your full name, date of birth, which can be used by us to verify that you are above the age of 18years.

Working of the Website, Application, or Services

The website, application, or services help you facilitate the listing and booking of accommodation. Such accommodations are managed by the accommodation service providers. However, the unregistered users can visit the website and view listings. If you want to post the details of a listing, ensure that you should have registered to create an account on the Website.

You should note that the website, application, or services will be used to connect the travelers and accommodation service providers directly with each other. Legally, SFR is not responsible or does not have control over the content available in any listing.

Account Registration

To access the functionalities of the website, application, or services, or to book an accommodation or to define a listing, you should have an account on Search Florida Rentals. You can directly register and avail our services through the website or application. You can also register to join by logging with us through the account of third party social networking websites such as Google or Facebook. The website provides the feature of linking your SFR account with the third-party accounts in either of the following ways:

  • Specifying your third party details or login information through website or application
  • Allowing SearchFloridaRentals to access your third party account permissible under the applicable terms and conditions

Accessing our Website through login credentials of third party you are representing that you are entitled to disclose the login details on SFR. You can also define your privacy settings in the third party, ensuring that your information can be accessed or used by Search Florida Rentals. You can also customize your settings according to your choices and preferences, the details will be displayed. Also, you agree that you are providing the accurate, correct, and complete information during registration and keep on updating the information if there are any changes. Search Florida Rentals has the right to suspend or terminate your account and access to the website, application, or services. This can be done only if you are providing inaccurate, fraudulent, and incomplete information thereby violation of these terms and conditions.

You are also responsible for securing your password and agree that you don’t disclose the password to the third party and take the sole responsibility of performing any activity under your account. If there is any fraudulent activity happening with your account, you have the right to inform us about unauthorized access.

Listings of Accommodation

As a registered member, you have the right to create the listing. While creating a listing, you need to answer various questions related to the accommodation to be listed, such as location, capacity, size, features, pricing, and related rules and regulations. You should ensure that all listings must have valid physical address. You should know that the placement or ranking of listings in the search results is on the basis of various factors such as traveler or accommodation service provider preferences, ratings, or ease of booking.

You should know that the travelers should not be asked to pay higher prices in case the booking has been confirmed. The accommodation service providers are solely responsible for posting of any listing. The accommodation service providers should not breach any agreement that you have entered with the third party. You should know that the Website assumes no responsibility for the accommodation service provider’s compliance with any agreements with the third parties.

To work or getting associated with SFR you must agree that Search Florida Rentals is not the insurer or contracting agent. While creating a listing, you can choose to include various requirements that must be met by the users who want to request a booking for your accommodation. These requirements are - the profile picture, or verified email address or phone number.

The team at SFR suggests that the accommodation service providers should have appropriate insurance for their accommodations. It provides or facilitates the service providers to upload the photos of their accommodations. These photos must be free from viruses. Also, while uploading the photos, you are ensuring that you agree to the terms and conditions of uploading the photos. Also, you should note that once a photo is uploaded, the Company owns the copyright of the photographs. If your account is deactivated, you will not be allowed to upload any photos any more. The verified images on the Site can further be used for advertising, marketing, commercial, or any other business purpose. We can use these photos without any prior notification.

No Endorsement

We do not endorse any member, listing, or accommodation. It should be noted that the verified images uploaded are only for the purpose that a pictorial representation of the accommodation. Therefore, the verified images are not endorsed by us. As per these terms and conditions, travelers are required to provide accurate information. To prevent any sort of fraudulent activity or to maintain transparency, we can ask you to provide a government identity. The access to the website, application, or services to a traveler indicates that the relevant information or identification process has been completed. Also, regarding the payment made online by the travelers, the accommodation service providers are responsible in case of any fraudulent activity conducted.

Calculator, Currency Conversions, and Terms for Travelers

The calculator provided online on the Website at times does not provide accurate results; therefore, you should not always count on it. Search Florida Rentals allows travelers book with the property owners who may prefer to pay in a currency that may vary from the destination currency. The Company also allows its customers to view the prices of the listings in the currency format of their choice. You should keep in mind these points regarding the currency conversion, including the associated fees.

As a traveler you are expected to leave the accommodation in the condition that it was at your arrival. The security deposit with each listing must be mentioned on the Website and therefore, you should ensure the security deposit is made.

In case of any damage made by the travelers, the damage claim for a confirmed booking of accommodation must also be mentioned so that it can be paid at the time of booking. Ensure prior to confirming the booking, you must have read the terms and conditions.


The Website, including all content, materials, functions, information, and software made available on the Site is offered “as is.” We, as the dedicated team members of SFR, to the fullest extent permissible by law, make no warranties or representations of any kind whatsoever for the content materials, functions, information, and software. Furthermore, we never warrant that any content or materials of functions contained in the website will be error-free or uninterrupted or the defects will be modified immediately or that the server which hosts all such information is free from any kind of contamination or virus or other dangerous components.

Users must acknowledge and agree that any kind of transmission on the Website is sealed or confidential and the communications made on the Site can be read by others.