Florida Vacation for Family Trip

Things to Pack for a Florida Vacation to Ensure a Pleasant Family Trip

It involves a lot of planning for a Florida vacation. No matter when you visit, the Sunshine State has something to delight you. The magnificent beaches, emerald crystal clear waters, swamplands, mangroves leading to gorgeous scenery, isolated coves, etc. have got the potential to bemuse even the most discerning travelers.

No matter what intrigues you the most, you have got to pack wisely and travel smartly. To ensure you have a whale of a time, this post is for you. It contains the best of things to pack for a Florida vacation.

The Sunshine State – In a Nutshell

Florida is everyone’s dream vacation destination. Every year, the sun-drenched state welcomes millions of visitors who come and enjoy its fast-paced modern life, laid-back island life and have a whale of a time in nature.

Known for theme parks, beaches, and numerous historic sites, vacationers have a plethora of fascinating attractions to explore in Florida. However, you need to act smart and must know the best time to visit Florida while planning a lifetime vacation.

Whether you are heading down south in summer or in winter or in spring, there are a few things you must not miss out on while packing. Here are some of the must-to-keep things to pack for a Florida Vacation.

What to Pack for a Florida Vacation – Checklist

  1. Sunscreen:

Do I need to elaborate on it? You are visiting the Sunshine State and keeping sunscreen in your bag is a must. Yes, I’m not joking when I say this. The state enjoys sunshine more than 300 days a year. This enhances the possibility of getting you nasty sun poisoning. Even if you are relaxing under a shady tree, taking precautions is good stuff. Besides, if you think you are not prone to sunburn, take my suggestion to carry one just to be on the safer side.

  1. Sun Lotion:

For people who are very much health conscious, particularly skin conscious, shouldn’t take chances that would ultimately take a toll on you. Florida is known for extensive sunshine all through the year. Hence, packing sunscreen is something great as it helps filter out UV radiation. But packing a sun lotion will make sure that your skin is in great condition. It helps your skin look not just youthful but also wrinkle-free for years. Though available anywhere on the Florida beaches, my advice would be packing your own brand.

  1. Sunglasses:

What about your eyes? Eyes are more precious than anything else. So, when you decide to walk out of Florida vacation rentals and go in the blazing sun, wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays.

  1. Sun Hat:

You may either pack it or buy from the nearby market close to your Florida vacation villas. Getting a sun hat will definitely provide some relief and hide your fair skin from the sun rays. Kids must wear one as they are vulnerable.

  1. Bug Repellent:

For the first-timers (mostly coming from a more temperate climate), it is advised to pack bug repellent. You never know how this new place behaves. And since Florida enjoys more of a tropical climate, there are chances that you may find large insects. To stay protected from these bugs, a good bug repellent will be a great help. Families with kids that love to picnic near lakes or bodies of freshwater should keep this thing for sure.

  1. Flip Flops:

Thinking to wear a pair of shoes on the beach? Bad idea! Flip flops are a great choice that will make it easy for walking to and from your oceanfront Florida vacation villas. Go swimming or sunbathe, they are easy to slip on when dripping. They are soft for your feet.

  1. Bag (Dry):

I have seen most vacationers say Florida weather is unpredictable. Well, I’m not saying you are all wrong. Basically, what happens – first-timers to Florida are left awe-struck with weather that changes from hot and humid to rain with thunderstorms in the afternoon. To safeguard your belongings from unprecedented rain, you should carry a dry bag (lightweight). Such dry bags come in great handy while heading to the beaches or the Everglades for swamp adventures.

  1. Bag (Wet Clothes):

For travelers who are completely into water and beach activities, a two-zippered plastic bag may come to the rescue. These bags have separate pockets for wet and dry clothes. Go surfing, scuba diving, or swimming and use the bag to keep your wet swimsuits in one pocket, while taking out the dry clothes from the other. Such bags are lightweight, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and reusable.

  1. Clothes:

This is important, very important! What clothes to pack for a Florida vacation vary depending on the time of the year you wish to travel. Formal attire is a big NO. Keep the dressing sense very casual because most of the time you will either be spending time on the beaches, at the theme parks enjoying rides or exploring the vibrant nightlife scene. Since the state has some of the best road trips in the country, you may like to pack more flamboyant and racy ensembles. For cooler evenings, carry a light sweater. Bathing suit, swimsuit, and cover-up are some of the must-have things for summer days.

  1. Rain Gear:

Tropical storms, torrential downpours, and hurricanes are quite frequent. June through September sees the most rain, while June to October is the rainy season in South Florida. Waterproof shoes, raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella are some of the rain gears for a Florida vacation in the rainy months. You should know when Florida gets the most rain – so, next time if your travel dates fall during the rainy period, you know what to pack.


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