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Best Pet-friendly Vacation Hotspots in Florida – Top Beaches

Conjure up the images – you are relaxing on a white sandy beach, enjoying the laid-back atmosphere, and soaking up the sun and letting the ocean breeze caress your skin. Now, you hear a splashing noise coming from the crystal clear water and you suddenly feel something is pulling you off. It is your four-legged friend – happy, excited, and exulted – trying to get you into the act. If the images pervade through your mind, you could plan a Florida vacation with pets. With endless winter sunshine, miles of sandy beaches, sprawling parks, and cozy restaurants, the Sunshine State makes one of the best dog-friendly vacation hotspots in the United States. Looking for more inspiration? In this blog, we will talk about the best pet-friendly vacation hotspots in Florida.

Florida’s Top Beaches Where Your Four-Legged Can Roam Freely

With the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Florida, the south-easternmost state in the United States takes pride in more than 1,350 miles of immaculate coastline. This increases the possibility of finding dog-friendly beaches – majorly organized by the respective municipalities and on other occasions by locals.

Traveling with your pooch in Florida? Here are the best outdoor activities in Florida for pets. Check these fascinating beaches out that are just compatible with dogs. However, some beaches need your pooch to be on a leash. Then there are some beaches with a perfect fenced area for dogs to run freely, roam, and splash the water.

Davis Island Dog Beach: If you have got two dogs (one small and one big), Davis Island Dog Beach should be the destination for you. It has two fenced with awe-striking views, picnic tables for the family, and doggie water stations. Easily accessible from Tampa, Davis Island is a popular dog-friendly hotspot with a 2.5-acre designated dog park divided into two parts.

Where to Stay: The Island is easily accessible from Tampa vacation rentals.

Fort Myers Beach: Florida is beach heaven and Fort Myers Beach is a piece of it. Located between the New Pass Bridge and the Lovers Key State Park, it has a dog beach park – believed to be one of the most beautiful pet-friendly beaches. Come along with your pet, take off their leash, and let them explore their space. It has a doggy shower to wash off or rinse the sand off. If you wish to indulge yourself in other activities, such as fishing, etc. while your four-legged friend is busy, you require a license. Apply for it in advance.

Where to Stay: Book Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals by owners from Search Florida Rentals! Vacation rental accommodations are pet-friendly, but you need to speak to the owner before your trip.

Atlantic Beach: Another gorgeous beach, Atlantic Beach Dog Park requires permission or the dog owners need to apply for membership. It is important to showcase proof that your dog has taken all its shots (vaccinations). The beach facilities include a separate fence, a swimming pond, poop bag dispensers, trash cans, and a rinsing station.

Where to Stay: If you are considering renting a hotel room, be assured that they will not entertain your friend. You need a place that is compatible with having a dog. In this regard, nothing suits more than choosing Florida vacation rentals. Check for your requirements at Search Florida Rentals.

Honeymoon Island State Park Dog Beach: The state park boasts 4 miles of immaculate shoreline fringed with palm trees and covered in white sand. Honeymoon Island State Park is a regular spot for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Since we are talking about your four-legged friend, there is a part of the beach designated for dogs. Keep in mind that you cannot unleash your pet.

Where to Stay: The easiest and convenient way to reach the state park is by car. Dunedin vacation rentals by owners also offer car rentals too.

Fort Lauderdale Beach: Lively boardwalk, ideal for people watching and hanging out, Fort Lauderdale Beach is an excellent place to take your dog for a walk. The 7-mile-long golden sandy beach is the center of attraction of Fort Lauderdale. You just need to purchase a permit to walk your dog on the beach.

Where to Stay: Book Fort Lauderdale Beach vacation rentals to stay right on the beach. Vacation rentals come complete with pet-friendly amenities. For more information, browse Search Florida Rentals.

Florida Travel Tips – When You Hit the Road with Your Pooch

Not just do you only need a break, but your furry friend also deserves it. Instead of giving him biscuits, take him with you to one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the U.S. However, traveling with pets will compel you to stick to some of the rules and tips. Here, we cover some important tips that you would need to paste it right on the steering.

  • Your Accommodation: Make sure your accommodation is pet-friendly. Speak to the owner and tell him/ her about your requirements. Do they charge extra? Is there any hidden cost?
  • Get Your Pooch All Vaccinations: Attractions, beaches, parks, and accommodation require dogs to be inoculated against bordetella, rabies, and distemper. Keep your friend on updated vaccinations.
  • Carry health Certificate: There are some places that would need to a letter or certificate from your vet, which would mention that the pet is free of communicable diseases and on his shots.
  • Seek Permission; Check Hidden Rules and Other Details: First of all, not all beaches are pet-friendly. If you find some beaches with facilities for dogs, you will still need to have a permit. Check out the restrictions, non-refundable fees, etc. before planning your trip.
  • What to Pack: Bowls, clean-up bags, crate, food, water, leash, toys, and ice chips are some of the must-see things to pack while traveling with pets.

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