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Florida Vacation Rentals – Villa or Apartment – Which Is Better

Vacation is the biggest stress buster. If you are planning a Florida vacation, you will surely have some great moments to cherish for a lifetime. Well, having said that we would like to turn your head to the most important aspect of planning an annual vacation. It is about selecting the right accommodation to stay in. Florida vacation rentals, over a decade or so, have grown tremendously. Available in villas, apartments, condos, chalets, cottages, townhouses, and houses, these vacation rentals can be found across the state; hence, making the best choice of accommodation in the state.

With varied options to choose from, villas and apartments remain the most sought-after vacation rentals in Florida. If you are in the process of booking an elegant apartment or a lavish villa, we will elucidate a few key points to get things crystal clear to choose the best for your beautiful family.

Florida Villas vs. Florida Apartments – Booking the Best Rental for Family Vacation

Florida Villa Rentals -

Come complete with all the modern amenities, Florida villa rentals make one of the most popular rental accommodation choices to stay. Villas exude the feeling of staying in an independent house with access to upscale facilities.

Florida Apartment Rentals -

Unlike villas, apartments are located adjacent to other complexes. This implies most of the amenities like gym, pool, etc. will be shared by people staying in the community. Here are the advantages of booking apartments rentals in Florida.

Take a look at the table illustrated underneath –

Florida Villa Rentals

Florida Apartment Rentals

  • Plenty of Space: More space compared to any other vacation rentals in the Sunshine State. The bedrooms are luxuriously blended with king-size beds, linens, flat-screen TVs, and well-lit. They radiate positive vibes and fetch in natural light through the large windows. Talking about the balconies, they are wide too. Stay at an oceanfront villa to wake up fresh and plan the day right from the balcony while having a hot coffee.
  • Ample Privacy: Stay under one roof with your big family while everyone will have their private space. What else? No hearing other people through the walls or any interruptions from outsiders.
  • Healthier and Vibrant Environment: Villas from Search Florida Rentals are remotely located, thus enjoying a healthier environment – fresh air, less noise, and less pollution.
  • Vibrant Neighborhood: Staying at Florida apartments, you are bequeathed state-of-the-art amenities including the vibrant neighborhood. People stay close to each other, which promise lots of fun and celebrations.
  • Higher Security & Safety: When people stay close, criminal offenses tend to become less. Presence of people will discourage criminal activities. Be it a medical help or any kind emergency, neighbors would come to your rescue in no time.
  • Fun of Enjoying Gym and Pool: For guests who prefer hitting the gym in the group, they will find apartments the best choices. Located close to city centers and major points of interests, apartments in Florida often get more attention than any other form of accommodation.

Where’s the Best Place to Book Florida Villa Rentals?

When you want to bask in the sun, to soak up the pleasant weather, or to stay on the beach – uninterrupted, lavish villa rentals are the most appropriate choices. Search Florida Rentals is a well-known vacation rental market place offering a wide range of villa rentals at the most pocket-friendly rates.

Browse Search Florida Rentals to book your stay directly with owners and avail yourself some discounts. Check these awesome properties for an awesome stay –

Top Florida Villas –

  1. Cape Coral, South West Florida (Listing #31): This is a huge, lavish property located in the heart of Cape Coral. Flaunting 5 cozy bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms, the villa comfortably accommodates 10 people.
  2. Disney Orlando Area, Central Florida (Listing #35): Magnificently blended, the villa leaves no stone unturned to offer a luxurious stay. For guests wanting to have a battle in their favorite games, they will have a game room power-packed with foosball table, snooker, table tennis, etc. The private pool is well-covered and has sitting areas.
  3. Chattysdream Villa, Central Florida (Listing #52): Our Chattysdream Villa was built in 2004 and boasts a pool, hairdryer, AC, high-speed internet, full kitchen, outdoor grill, outdoor furniture, and heated private pool. The villa has the privilege of a great location. Theme parks (12 miles), golf (5 miles), and airport (28 miles) are conveniently located.

Where’s the Best Place to Book Florida Apartment Rentals?

You have loads of Florida apartment rentals to choose from Search Florida Rentals. All our apartments are chic and trendy. They are located in the vicinity of all major points of interests. Here are some of the top-rated apartments to book for an incredible Florida trip.

Top Florida Apartments –

  1. Miami Beach, South East Florida (Listing #30): Guess what have you got? A modern gym, pool, spectacular blue ocean view, hot tub, kitchen with state-of-the-art culinary appliances and accessories, and quick beach access. Pamper your taste buds with fresh seafood on Miami Beach, roam around the white, soft beach, and return to your abode to crash in comfort.
  2. Pompano Beach, South East (Listing #63): The 1-bedroom and 1-bathroom apartment is located in an opulent building. The apartment is ideal for small families of 4 people. In case, you have one or two more guests, there is a queen sleeper couch to relax.

Which One to Book – Villa or Apartment?

This is a matter of complete personal choice. You need to plan out your trip as per your preference. Whether you want to savor not just delicious American cuisine but the spectacular scenery and attractions, Florida vacation rentals will be the apt choices.

What are you waiting for? Plan in advance to save a big penny!

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