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Best Florida State Parks Every Nature Lover Should Visit Now

Nature has been quite generous to the Sunshine State as it adorns Florida with lush greenery, crystal clear waters on both sides, and many natural wonders including intriguing caves, pristine beaches, and great springs. When it comes to making a nature trip to this south-easternmost state of America, Florida has it all. The state is home to more than 170 stunning state parks; hence, making a dream destination for peace seekers and nature lovers. Don’t forget to book Florida vacation rentals prior to your trip.

8 Most Visited State Parks in Florida

Each state park has something special to offer. Whether you are in the quest of old lighthouses and centuries-old castles or want to spend the day on that perfect stretch of sand fringed with palm trees, the following Florida state parks have them all.

  1. Bahia Honda State Park:

Drive south to Miami until you reach Big Pine Key and sneak peek into Bahia Honda State Park to unwind in the lap of nature. This is one such state park in Florida you will never wish to leave. Dotted with gorgeous beaches, adventure lovers will look for the best snorkeling spots. They will be happy to find some.

  1. Henderson Beach State Park:

There is no need to daydream if you are visiting Henderson Beach State Park. 30 feet white sand dunes and the crystal clear, warm gulf waters promise to offer an experience like no other.

  1. Anastasia State Park:

Encompassing a massive area of 1,600 acres, Anastasia State Park is teeming with plenty of family-friendly activities and wildlife opportunities.

  1. Big Lagoon State Park:

Acquiring an area of 705-acre, Big Lagoon State Park is nestled on the northwestern coast of Florida, about 10 miles southwest of Pensacola on Gulf Beach Highway. Take your boat to the picturesque beaches of Perdido Key, venture into the shallow bays, and explore nature trails. Accessing the park from Pensacola vacation rentals would bequeath you comfort and other advantages.

  1. Grayton Beach State Park:

The best way to explore this nationally ranked nature wonderland is to stay at Santa Rosa Beach vacation rentals. Grayton Beach State Park will lure you with the warm gulf breezes, aquamarine water, soft white sand, and plenty of sunshine.

  1. Honeymoon Island State Park:

Ample space to stretch out on the white sandy beaches savoring not just the breathtaking sunsets but the tiny creatures (birds), Honeymoon Island State Park is located north of Clearwater Beach.

  1. Egmont Key State Park:

Only accessible by boat, Egmont Key State Park is a secluded island set right at the mount of Tampa Bay boasting spellbinding natural beauty and rich American history.

  1. Gasparilla Island State Park:

Welcome to Gasparilla Island State Park! View the Historic Port Boca Grande Lighthouse and indulge in tarpon fishing who call the blue waters off the park home, thus making it a paradise for sportsmen. Shelling is pretty fun in winter months along the glorious Gulf. There is a museum open to the public.

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