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Looking for a Vacation Home in Florida? Include the Florida Keys

When luxury meets elegance and is further paired up with affordability, rolling your eyes for the best Florida hotels shouldn’t be the ideal thing to do. Hotels might be an option but travelers these days have a myriad of demands and to meet those insatiable wishes and desires, hotels stand far behind. What’s the solution then? Well, well, well… you have got to think different and trust a vacation home in Florida.

Scattered across the state that comprising five distinct areas - the Gulf Coast, East Coast, Central and West Florida, North Florida, and the Keys - Florida home rentals make the most ideal choices. The south-easternmost state is thronged with people from across the globe. They get to enjoy the pleasant weather, plenty of sunshine, nightlife, beaches, live music, theme parks, sand, and water sports. For clearer water, a more serene atmosphere, and more actions (on and off and road) drive down to the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys – A Dream Vacation Destination

Conjure up the enchanting images of the breathtaking Florida Keys sunset, find the most appropriate Florida Keys vacation rentals, indulge in all thrilling activities, and partake in the exciting events – perhaps, you desire all of them. Browse Search Florida Rentals and book the best vacation rental property directly with the owner to reap discounts. Moreover, villa rental or a vacation condo rental seems to be the ideal way to get the most out of these fascinations.

Luxurious Florida Keys Vacation Rentals by Owner

Family events coming up? You could be the one following the latest trends, i.e. to celebrate an occasion in a farfetched place with family. If you have a family get-together knocking at the doors or just wish to spend some quality time together, you may like to check out the following properties. These large vacation rental properties in the Florida Keys will keep your family and loved ones at comfort.

  • Pet-friendly House for 12 People (Listing #62): It is a family vacation, right? Then, you cannot leave your furry friend at home. This property is designed tastefully and is compatible with pets. Besides the pet-friendly feature, the lavish rental property brings in awe-inspiring ocean views. To take in the breathtaking sight you don’t need to go to the terrace – the sliding glass doors will be your rescuer. The vacation home rental boasts 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a modern kitchen, a large pool, a fireplace, an elevator, and more.
  • Splash the Water and Relax in Hot Tub (Listing #64): Savor the mouthwatering authentic American cuisine, sit by the poolside, carry your favorite book, and create some indelible memories. The property is magnificently built. “Step inside the elegant house rental, you will feel the perennial charm and appeal of the deluxe setting in the tropical landscape backdrop” (an excerpt from the property page). It comes complete with four spacious bedrooms and four full bathrooms. Some of the popular activities that you might wish to engage yourself are cycling, walking, boating, fishing, jet-skiing, bird watching, swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, shelling, shopping, and deep-sea fishing.

The Florida Keys – A Top Destination for Visitors of All Ages

A chain of tropical islands, the Florida Keys stretch about 120 miles off the southern tip of the U.S. Native Americans flock to the Keys to whisk away from the hustle and bustle to more serene and tranquil space. To embrace the vividness and diversity of the Keys, it is best to spend a few days so that you don’t miss out on the iconic experiences.

The Florida Keys for Culture Vultures, Artists, and Nature Lovers

Thanks to the tropical settings that always lured the creative minds – particularly, writers and artists looking for a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere with spellbinding beauty. The Keys remain one of the most intriguing destinations for artists and artisans. Malloy Square and Guild Hall Gallery on Duval Street are bombarded with works from many renowned artists. Apart from being the creative seat, Mallory Square attracts a large variety of visitors, artists, and street entertainers to enjoy the local culture. Head to Key Largo to see the ultimate convergence of nature and art; drive to Marathon to partake in the Pigeon Key Art Festival and the Florida Keys Celtic Festival.

Key West is not the Florida Keys. The perception of travelers is changing and the attention is expanding to other islands in recent years.

Best Time to Book Vacation Home in the Florida Keys

The Keys make a year-round holiday destination. However, you can streamline your priorities and plan your trip accordingly. Weather-wise – winter months are one of the best times to visit the Florida Keys. Book holiday rentals in the Florida Keys in advance and enjoy the Big Pine & Lower Keys Island Art Festival (end of November).

Other Important Places to Look for Fabulous Villa Rentals in Florida

Staying at Orlando vacation rentals, you can be minutes away from Epcot, Universal Orlando, and the Magic Kingdom. The best Panama vacation condos are located right on the sugar-white sand beaches. Live up the vibrant destination of Tampa from its cozy home rental. A vacation in Florida is a memory to last forever.

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