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4 Worth-the-Hype Attractions in South Florida

Colloquially called SoFlo, South Florida is the 4th most populous urban agglomeration in America and one of the three most common “directional regions” in Florida (others being North Florida and central Florida). The region is quite diverse and flaunts an ‘Old Florida’ feel in the sparsely-populated central areas. Travelers to this paradise are often bemused in the beauty of its beachfront parks, sprawling botanical gardens, museums, and outdoor activities. Go snorkeling at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park or swim with the friendly dolphins at the famous Miami Seaquarium, every tourist attraction in South Florida is worth the hype.

  1. Coral Castle, Homestead

Much hype about Coral Castle being allegedly built by one man without any assistance of modern equipment! Coral Castle, an unexpected and mysterious stone structure, is an odd complex made up of enormously heavy stones, situated between Leisure City and Homestead in unincorporated territory of Miami-Date county. Until today, nobody is hundred per cent sure about the construction of the castle. If you happen to be in the city, sneak peek into the castle using audio stands and unearth the everlasting mystery.

  1. Museum of Discovery and Science, Fort Lauderdale

If you think the Museum of Discovery and Science is for kids, you are mistaken for sure. The museum should find a place in your itinerary in South Florida. Stack floor-wise, the interactive museum welcomes and entertains visitors with numerous science wonders. Climb up to the floors to see films in an IMAX movie theater for larger-than-life experience. Save yourself from getting devoured by a 12-foot long snake, meet alligators, dig for fossils, and numerous other interesting things.

  1. Miami Seaquarium, Miami

Give your ingenious child an educational as well as entertaining experience in Miami. The Miami Seaquarium is a 38-acre oceanarium situated near downtown Miami. It has several marine shows and exhibitions. Amongst them, Trained Dolphin Show and Lolita the Killer Whale Show are the most popular. Founded in 1955, the museum is one of the oldest seaquariums in the country.

  1. Jungle Island

Jungle Island, an eco-adventure park (newly re-launched after a series of renovation), draws millions of tourists every year to witness varied species of animals, such as parrots, gibbons, lemurs, ligers, macaws, and orangutans. The ambience at Jungle Island is amplified by the greenery – thanks to the stunning plant species adorning the backdrop.

To travel around the above-mentioned attractions and see whether they have the potential to attract visitors, you need to stay in a place that is close to the tourist places. Book South Florida vacation rentals suiting your requirements and mark an unforgettable vacation in Florida.


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