Surf Fishing Trip in Florida

Surf Fishing Trip in Florida – Prime-time for Surf Fishing

The long weekend is approaching. You don’t need to stay indoors when the beautiful Sunshine State is all flourishing. Florida, the south-easternmost U.S. state, has all the vacation ingredients. With several hundred miles of sandy beaches and emerald blue waters pervading the pristine coastline, you will hardly fall short of amazing outdoor things to do in Florida. Surf fishing in Florida can be termed a tradition for families.

When, Where, and How to Surf Fish in Florida

The south-eastern state is one of the most ideal places in the world to surf (or just get to the outdoors). The tropical beaches offer excellent opportunities to the novice as well as experts to go surf fishing. But, look for the beaches for swimmers. In certain areas, the Authorities have imposed certain restrictions on the fishing hours.

  • Permissible Fishing Hours: The permissible surf fishing hours in Florida are early morning and near dusk. This is regarded as the best time to go surf fishing in the tropical setting.
  • Wear Beach Sandals or Water Shoes: These are important! You have got to wear beach sandals or water shoes to protect your feet from shells, rocks, or corals below the surf.
  • Sunscreen and a Hat: Hitting the outdoors requires a little carefulness from you. If it is surf fishing, pack a hat and good sunscreen.
  • Dawn or Dusk: As the light starts to come up, fish rummage for food. It should just before dawn. As they come onto the surface, it gets easier to catch them with your bait. However, anglers are seen reporting better fishing as the day wears on. Hence, at dusk, fish come off the bottom for food.

What Is the Best Time for Fishing the Surf?

You will be glad to know that surf fishing is a year-round sport in the state. The Florida beaches are just great for fishing the surf. Nonetheless, summer and fall are a wonderful time of the year to surf fish.

Can you consider winter and spring for great surf fishing in Florida? Yes, you can. This is when the schools are not around, so the chances of beach throngs are much lower.

Best Surf Fishing Spots in Florida for a Perfect Family out in the Sunshine State

Anglers both experts and novice flock to Florida for surf fishing. The state flaunts some of the great surf fishing spots. Fort Myers is known for offering plenty of fishing opportunities from shore. By the time you reach the destination, the beaches, bridges, piers, etc. will already be occupied. However, we have got some of the great fishing destinations in the area that might intrigue you for a day out in the water.

  • Sanibel Causeway: Check the place immediately you reach Sanibel Island. It is one of the most sought-after surf fishing destinations in the area.
  • Pier on Fort Myers Beach: You will see anglers occupying the space with their fishing gear. Good Place!
  • Lovers Key State Park: There are two boardwalks inside Lovers Key State Park, with amazing fishing. You can catch redfish, sharks, snappers, dolphins, manatees, mullet sea trout, and snook.
  • South End Bridge: The Bridge is located at the south end of Estero Boulevard.
  • Punta Rassa: Punta Rassa is also famous for kite-boarding and camping.

Types of Fish to Catch for Your Scrumptious Dinner: Fish that are abundant in Fort Myers are redfish, jack crevalle, sheepshead, spotted seatrout, mangrove snapper, snook, and other species in the saltwater. You can also do freshwater fishing. Canals, ponds, natural and manmade lakes, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Caloosahatchee River are to name some of the freshwater-bodies in the area teeming with various species of fish. Heading to the shore or seawall, you will catch crappie, shell crackers, catfish, bluegill, catch bass, and Oscars.

Explore Fort Myers and Enjoy Surf Fishing Trip with a Guided: Unless you are a solo tripper, hiring a guide comes handy. He is the one who will guide you to surf fish most professionally. Otherwise, you are too good to experience it all alone. Grab the local fishing reports for Estero Bay and Myers Beach.

How to Catch Pompano Fish on Your Surf Fishing Vacation in Florida?

Each fall as coastal water temperatures starts to cool herds of pompano make their way to south along Florida’s coasts. The good is the fish stay within range of the angler with a surf rod. You don’t have to an expert angler to catch pompano. All you need to do is to grab your surf rod and store the Florida surf fishing techniques in mind when heading to the gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic Coast of Florida.

The action starts in north-easternmost Florida; slowly moving south through the beaches like Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach, and Jacksonville Beach. They go further south past Playa Linda and Cape Canaveral. For someone who wants to spend the entire afternoon with family catching “pomps”, this is the hotspot. This stretch of coast is teeming with pompano.

In November, Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fort Pierce are well-thronged with plenty of pompano fish.

Beaches like Jupiter and Stuart are the type of surf fishing destinations where anglers will not mind leaving their footprints. One Jensen Beach guide, who’s been working for the last seventeen years, says the fish leave the deeper water as the temperatures settle in Stuart. He adds, “Depending on how cold it gets, they’ll ­typically stay here in good numbers through April. There’s nothing better than sight-fishing. It’s my favorite method for pompano. I always start looking on incoming tides. That’s when you get the cleaner water”.

The guide also added, “Even though the water may be knee-deep, that lure gets to the bottom and puffs up sand when you twitch it. That’s the key. These fish are used to eating things that take off and leave a puff of dirt. You want to cast ahead of the fish and then move the shrimp as they get close. Then they’re all over it.”

Miami Beach in South Florida lets surfing fishermen reap the run on the coldest days of winter.

The Florida Surf Casters Club is an incredible source of surf fishing reports and tips. Since you are new here, contact the staff. They would love to share their tips and tactics to catch pompano.

In a nutshell, go get yourself a surf rod with bait-casting or maybe, think of getting spinning reels equipped with braided line for casting distance. Plenty of pomps are waiting for you. Before you go into the water, keep a check on the number of rods that you can carry. You need to keep yourself updated on local rules. Don’t forget to bring a spinning rod rigged with a pomp jig if the fish are prevalent a few yards off the beach.

Are you fishing multiple rods? If yes, sand spikes are a must. When these fishing rods are grounded (stuck into the sand), they let you fight fish rig and re-cast lines. Snell hooks are amazing for fishing bait on the bottom.

Among other essentials include a bucket, beach chair, etc. should be considered.

Surf Fishing in Florida: Gearing up for Some Real Fun in the Water

Let’s talk about some of the items mandatory to carry when hitting the beach for surfing the fish.

Make sure you carry two 5-gallon buckets. One can be used for tackle and the other can be used for a small cooler for drinks and bait bucket. Beach chair is a must-carry since you wouldn’t want to spend most of the time standing.

Stay at these Unforgettable Vacation Rental Locations -

Florida is a playground for outdoor lovers. The state has no dearth of things to do. Imagine spending hours on the beach, catching your favorite pompano, and returning to your Florida beach condo rentals to prepare a delicious romantic dinner. This sounds just perfect. Yes, vacation rentals in Florida are scattered throughout. Be it Miami Beach or Vero Beach, Search Florida Rentals ensures families find the best place with modern amenities.

Available in condos, houses, villas, and apartments, these rentals by owners make the best home away from home. Check out some of the family-friendly as well as couple-friendly Florida vacation rentals near to the surf fishing spots.

  • Fort Myers Beach House Rental: Are you looking for a family-friendly home in Fort Myers Beach? Look no beyond this three-bedroom and three-bathroom house situated in the prime location. This Fort Myers Beach property is also pet-friendly. If you have a four-legged friend at home, don’t hesitate to bring him with you. The spacious house has a covered pool for your family. The bedrooms are big and cozy with floor to ceiling windows. The living area is comfortable with comfy sofas and TVs to watch your favorite series. The house rental can sleep 8 people with zero inconveniences.
  • Fort Myers Beach Condo Rental: Got a small family of 4 people? This oceanfront, cozy property is for you. The bright, spacious condo is located right on the water. It has a large balcony that lets you take in the gorgeous natural beauty. The kitchen is modern and has a toaster, stove, refrigerator, microwave, blender, and coffee maker. The property further has a DVD Player, Satellite, CD Player, TV, and free Wi-Fi. It has a heated pool for you to splash the water.
  • Miami Beach Apartment: This two-bedroom and the two-bathroom apartment is one of the most sought-after Miami Beach apartment rentals. It is equipped with a big dining area, a fully-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a hot tub, a heated pool, and outdoor amenities. The apartment lets you access important places like beaches, attractions, shopping, and restaurants. Apart from surf fishing, you can indulge in a wide variety of activities.
  • Daytona Beach Condo Rental: This stylish open floor plan property has a fully-furnished kitchen, living area, and three cozy bedrooms. The luxurious condominium is located on the beach. Apart from surf fishing, you may like to try your hands at walking, swimming, shelling, jet-skiing, sailing, and shopping.
  • Daytona Beach House Rental: Vacationers traveling in the large group should consider this lavish Daytona Beach house rental. Six bedrooms have 8 bunk beds, 4 queen beds, and 8 single/ twin beds. To make you feel comfortable, the owner has added upscale facilities. The house rental also enjoys proximity to Daytona International Airport, Daytona Beach, golf course, and restaurants.

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