Plan a Volunteer Vacation to Florida

How to Plan a Volunteer Vacation to Florida – Explained!

The word “Voluntourism” is gaining popularity amongst modern travelers. Voluntourism or voluntary-based vacations combine travel with education, worthy causes, and community involvement. To name some of the most popular types of volunteering are humanitarian work, wildlife conservation, and disaster relief. When planning a voluntourism, Florida makes an ideal spot. The Sunshine State has got hundreds of opportunities for volunteer-based vacations. Here’s how to plan a volunteer vacation to Florida.

How to Plan Your Volunteer Vacation in Florida like a Pro?

  • The Time Factor: Remember, this is the first thing you should be clear about. How much time that you can dedicate will play the main role. You have to decide whether you are taking a volunteer trip, i.e. the sole purpose of your vacation or just curious to know about local issues on your next weekend getaway. No matter how much time you are ready to dedicate, it will surely count.
  • For What Cause You Wish to Volunteer? Now picture yourself working on the cause that you wish to volunteer about. Is it going to be a few hours of work or full-time (9 - 5). It has been observed that certified teachers, computer specialists, nurses, doctors, and attorneys coming forward, taking volunteer-based vacations. If you are willing to work in any condition, this is a great asset.
  • Talk about Your Interests: In which section, area, city, or country you wish to work – that should be crystal clear. You could be volunteering infants, kids, adults, or seniors; teaching a language, a sport, or a skill; working with animals; building trails, wells, gardens, etc.
  • A Big Question – Budget: It is never going to be cheap. It involves a lot of time, energy, and money. If you are going through non-profits, NGOs, and charities, you will pretty be saved to some extent. Your transportation, accommodation, traveling, and everything else will be taken by the Organization.

Top 5 worthy Voluntourism in Florida

  1. Florida Voluntourism: Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden

The Key West Botanical Garden Society has protecting trees and plants since 1989. It is the “keeper of the trees”. The Society further preserves, maintains, expands, and develops the historic Botanical Garden as a wildlife refuge, botanical garden, education center, and arboretum. The garden has trees native to the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, and Cuba. It also emphasizes the cultivation of endangered species of the Florida Keys.

  1. Florida Voluntourism: Reef Environmental Education Foundation

Popularly known as REEF, the Reef Environment Education Foundation was founded in 1990 to conserve marine environments worldwide. It provides the scuba divers a way to contribute to the protection of the marine population. The mission of the REEF is to preserve and protect ocean life and biodiversity by inspiring and actively engaging the public through education, citizen science, and partnerships.

  1. Florida Voluntourism: Feeding South Florida

You can join Feeding South Florida as they are always in need of volunteers to help in inspecting and sorting foods and ensuring it is safe for consumption.

  1. Florida Voluntourism: South Florida Wildlife Center

This is what South Florida Wildlife Center has to say, “Volunteers and interns/externs play a critical role at SFWC by expanding our ability to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. In 2017, our volunteers donated over 11,000 hours of service and helped us care for more than 12,000 animals. In addition, our intern/extern program helps educate the next generation of wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists and other science-related professionals.”

  1. Florida Voluntourism: Florida Oceanographic Society

Founded in 1964, Florida Oceanographic Society showcases tremendous contribution to protect the coastal ecosystems through research and education. It allows volunteers to visit the Coastal Center and join their mission to become a member. Dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic people are encouraged to join the organization.

  1. Florida Voluntourism: Give Kids the World

Ever wanted to help the little, tiny angels and to save them from life-threatening illness? At Give Kids the World Village, you can help them, create memories, and inspire hope. Give your best to feel your best.


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