Off-the-Beaten-Path in Florida

Go Off-the-Beaten-Path in Florida to Unearth Treasure-troves

One of the most fascinating destinations in the United States, Florida has become the top choice for everyone – night owls, senior citizens, kids, couples, and families. Often referred to as the Sunshine State, Florida is a state that is changing (geographically and culturally) faster than any other U.S. state. World-class restaurants, miles of sandy beaches, pristine coves, famous museums, and lively cities – Florida is just limited to these. For travelers looking to go beyond the horizons and seek the ultimate pleasure, they must go off-the-beaten-path in Florida to unearth the hidden gems.

Hidden Gems in Florida – Off-the-Beaten-Path

You have been to the world-famous World Disney World when you were a kid and now with your kid; you have visited Miami several times in the past only because of its electrifying nightlife and pristine beaches; you have also explored the historic city of St. Augustine while assisting your friend in his college project. Or, you are so obsessed with the pleasant climate that you wouldn’t want to wait to return to the Sunshine State. So, you have covered almost all the leading attractions and places to see in Florida. What remains now are Florida’s unique hidden gems.

There Is a Place Called Old Florida. Heard this?

Most of you must be unaware of Old Florida, I bet. You might have visited this southernmost U.S. state quite often in the past on business, which further clarifies that missing out on Old Florida isn’t quite surprising. Old Florida is more serene and more natural, thus intriguing you for a weekend escape with your loved ones. The historic towns, natural wonders, amazing foods, and many more – you get to go a little offbeat to experience the real charm.

  • Spot Manatees at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park: Venture into the wild until you find yourself at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and do some manatee spotting. Doubtlessly, the state park is a fascinating place to view manatees. Get close to the animals on a floating observatory. These endangered aquatic giants are a treat to watch when they swim up to the observatory.
  • Micanopy is one Underrated Tiny Town in Florida: One of the places where you could feel the Old Florida charisma is Micanopy. It is nicknamed “The Little Town That Time Forgot” and exudes something that will stay with you for years.
  • Head to St. Marks for the Ultimate Old Florida Vibes: Home to merely a few hundred people, St. Marks is often overlooked as a leading tourist spot in the state. Well, that’s what you are looking for – right? Flourished with an abundance of alluring natural attractions, you will find yourself immersed in one waterfront village, which once served as a prominent port on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Drive to Delray Beach to Meander through Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Once home to a small community of Japanese farmers, this place manages to pull off a good number of people (particularly, Japanese) to see the traditional and contemporary culture of Japan. The museum will showcase the crops and farming techniques that were used in the early 1900s. Take a stroll amid nature to rejuvenate your soul, body, and mind.

Go Further South till the Florida Keys

You don’t have to consider the Bahamas or the Caribbean trips since Florida has its paradise called the Florida Keys. Well-known for offering exhilarating road trips, the Florida Keys has a host of islands with endless off-the-beaten-track attractions. Key Largo, located 18 miles south of Miami, is an important destination with a plethora of weekend options for Floridians and visitors coming from far north.

Some of the Florida Keys Vacation Rentals to Check out

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