American cuisines restaurants in Disney World

Most Popular Restaurants in Disney World - Tried and Tested Tips to Save Big on Dining

Who doesn’t want to save money? No matter how spendthrift you are, at the end of the day when you see some bucks in your account, you feel relieved. But, will you manage to save big while dining the authentic, traditional American cuisines at the most popular restaurants in Disney World. If you think this is quite a task, why not check out some of these useful tips?

Next time you travel with family, I’m sure you will be able to capture some bucks.

7 Most Popular Restaurants in Disney World, Florida -

  1. There’s an Abbreviation for ‘Bring Your Own Food’

‘BYOF’ – heard this before? For the first time, I heard this while traveling in Panama City last year. When I asked the person what it meant, she explained. I laughed my heart out. But, I kind of found this pretty unique and interesting. So, I’m using it here. It is the best way to save a lot on eating at Disney World, Florida. Rent a large locker and store it.

  1. Sit-down Meal Could Save Some Bucks

Most table service restaurants in Disney offer all-day menus. A sit-down lunch over dinner at one of the most popular restaurants in Walt Disney like Cinderella’s Royal Table and Be Our Guest Restaurant could earn you big discounts.

  1. Narrow Down Search for Budget-friendly Eateries

Yes, Disney too boasts some budget-friendly restaurants. Tangerine Café at Epcot, Flame Tree Barbeque at the Animal Kingdom, and Columbia Harbour at the Magic Kingdom are to name some of the most popular restaurants in Walt Disney.

  1. What about Some Character Breakfasts

A character breakfast – what’s that? Well, you need to just ask them. They are going to explain to you. This is one of the easiest ways to save money while creating some good memories. Eateries like Donald Duck’s Safari Breakfast in the Animal Kingdom and Winnie the Pooh and Friends at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom are amazing for breakfasts.

  1. Ever Used Refillable Water Bottle?

If no, make it a habit in Walt Disney World. The central part of Florida experiences the hot and humid climate and it is advised to stay dehydrated to beat the scorching heat. The only great idea to stay dehydrated is to drink a lot of water. Getting a refillable water bottle would serve the purpose. By doing this, you would save on spending $3 for a water bottle in the park. Inside the park, you have this facility of refilling the water bottle.

  1. Drink at No Cost

Everything comes for a price. And when you are in Disney World, Orlando, getting something for free is a far-fetched dream. But at Club Cool, Epcot you could score a free cup of ice water.

  1. Sharing?

Can’t afford to a proper meal? Check out split a meal option at Disney. Get it clear with the server before ordering for food at the popular restaurant in Disney.

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