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Getting Smart with 13 Awesome Travel Hacks – Florida Travel Tips

Considered the most effective and efficient way to deal with stress and growing anxiety, traveling can become a nightmare unless well-planned. Will you wish to incur nightmarish experiences? No one will ever desire that. To ensure that people like you have a seamless travel experience to the Sunshine State, here are the top 20-odd Florida travel tips or travel hacks to ease your headaches and help you make a memorable trip.

Florida Travel Tips – Top 13 Travel Hacks for Everyone Visiting Florida

The sun-kissed state flaunts warm, pleasant weather and year-round attractions, which include theme parks, beaches, and numerous natural and manmade wonders. If you are looking for some amazing travel hacks for a Florida vacation, you have got to check them here.

  1. Don’t Stuff Your Bag: Want to save time and money? I mean who wouldn’t wish to. Having said so, we would point out the most important saving hack – though looks easiest, it is the hardest thing to accomplish. You have got to pack light. Learn the techniques to pack light by rolling clothes, bringing lightweight fabrics, using mix-and-match basics, toiletries, etc. Just don’t overpack!
  2. Keep Copy of Documents on Your Email: What about sending a copy of important documents including passport, driving license, hotel details, itinerary details, etc? If in case some of your documents get stolen, you would not have to knock your head off.
  3. Carry a Travel Card: Visiting currency exchange offices time and again can be a real worry. You will prefer spending more time exploring the new land than hitting the exchange store repeatedly. Almost every store and shop in Florida accepts foreign cards. You may get a travel credit card from your bank and avail yourself all the benefits. Call up your banks (debit card or credit card) and let them know that you are traveling internationally. They will authorize your purchases.
  4. Light and Dry Clothes to Come Your Safety: Why do you have to wait for hours for your clothes to dry? Florida vacation rentals ease your stay with its modern amenities, including automatic washing machines, etc. Or, you can simply pack quick-dry clothes for your suitcase and wardrobe.
  5. One Toiletry Bag for All Electrical Items: “Where are the camera batteries? Oh, God! I’d kept the iPod chargers here only” – if you don’t want to waste time fishing around all the bags and suitcases for chargers and other electronic items, keep them in one zippered, water-resistant toiletry bag.
  6. Book on Tuesday for Cheapest Deals: To grab the best travel deals, particularly flights, you don’t have to be an expert. Just imprint this in mind that the best rates are available to them who book their flights for Tuesdays. According to Phil Bloomfield of Cheap Flights, “A good rule of thumb is that Tuesdays are usually the cheapest days to book air travel. Generally, the best fares are advertised 50 days ahead of departure, with the most expensive being three days beforehand. Always fly in the evenings when you can. Aside from Fridays, the most affordable flights tend to be those which take off between 6 pm and midnight.”
  7. Install Offline Maps: This has worked on many occasions and a big time-saver! Install an offline map as this comes in handy when you have no access to the Internet - Or when you don’t want to spend some bucks on data.
  8. Get Currency Convertor App: There are numerous currency convertor apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Downloading one of the applications will help save your time doing mental math. The best thing about getting these apps installed on your phone is that they can work even if you don’t have access to the Internet.
  9. Be Confident and Act Like You Are a Local: If you don’t want to get ripped off, carry the swag of a local. Be it the cab driver or the local store, there are chances that they will behave properly if they know you are a local.
  10. Have You Packed the First-Aid-Kit: America is one of the few places on earth where medical services cost pretty much - if fallen sick. No chemist shop will agree on providing medicines unless you have a proper medical document, i.e. prescribed from a doc. In this regard, you should pack a first-aid-kit box including regular band-aids, cotton swabs, anti-bacterial cream, etc.
  11. Learn Local Stuff: Where in Rome, do as the Romans! Why don’t you do quick research or homework and learn some of the things that only locals do?
  12. Hands-on Information on Weather and Climate: Before traveling, put some efforts to learn about the weather condition. Majorly enjoys a subtropical climate, Florida experiences summer and rainy seasons together. Weather is mild. However, winters get chilly and wet too.
  13. Book Florida Vacation Rentals in Advance: Think twice before settling down for an accommodation. Scattered throughout the state, vacation rentals in Florida make the most diverse choices. Search Florida Rentals has a collection of stunning Florida villa, condo, apartment, and home rentals by owners.

Do you have some smart travel hacks for a Florida vacation? Why not let us know and we will add it to the list?

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