Florida House Rental vs Hotel

Florida Beach House Rentals Vs Hotels – What’s Your Choice

The other day I was surfing the Internet and stumbled upon something that caught my attention and instantly bemused me. It said, “Sorry, I can’t work. The beach texted and it needs me”. Yeah, striking right? When it comes to beach vacations, Florida always fascinates me. Unspoiled beaches, vibrant cafes, gourmet cuisines, and swanky accommodations – vacationing in Florida has become more exciting. But, this time I wish to do something different. I’m not going to go ahead with the traditional vacation practice, i.e. booking a hotel room, keeping my last trip in mind. It was a terrible one with the cramped hotel room and unclean linens. So, what should I choose? My friend suggests Florida beach house rentals over hotels. Let’s take a quick look and decide which one should fit the requirements.

Florida Beach House Rentals vs. Hotels

Longer Stays: If you wish to stay for a week or two and explore the area thoroughly, you would definitely need someplace has all the home-like amenities and cost-effective. Rentals are an economical choice, while you avail all the modern amenities. Hotels do not look a great option as you end up making a hole in your pocket.

Lines & Laundry: Adjudged as the home away from home, beach vacation rentals come equipped with washer & dryer, considering the fact that sandy beach towels would require frequent laundering. You will love being spoiled. On the contrary, most hotels do not provide this facility.

Amenities & Privacy: Beach chairs, beach umbrellas, outdoor gas grill, porch/ veranda, fully-equipped kitchen, modern living room, washing machine, TV with cable connection, wireless internet, linens, towels, and deck/ patio area are to name the most common amenities. Talking about privacy, you will have ample space in Florida vacation rentals. Your entire family of 8 can sleep under one roof and have fun in the living area. Think of hotel rooms? Do they provide these many facilities? Can your entire group chill out in one room?

Diverse Options: From Miami Beach vacation villas to Clearwater holiday apartments, you have an array of vacation rentals to choose from. These rental accommodations can be found right on the beach offering stunning beach views and access to thrilling water sports. Hotels certainly don’t have diverse options. Mostly, hotels are situated away from the beaches; as a result, guests are deprived of quick access to private beaches.

Amongst other key facilities, Florida beach condos are pet-friendly – which I like the most. I’m now clear about what I should choose. What about you?


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