Colorful Destinations in the US

Colorful Destinations in the US – Miami Is One of Them

The United States boasts 50 magnificent states, encompassing a vast swath of North America with Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean and Alaska in the northwest. Each of its states is known for something or the other. Further, the gigantic country has the best winter destinations, summer vacation hotspots, and most couple-friendly places to ignite love. On one hand, it has New York (known as a cultural hub and global finance center); on the other hand, there’s the Sunshine State of Florida (taking pride in its more than 300 days of sunshine and miles of pristine coastlines). If you are planning to travel to the U.S. for a unique experience, we bring you the most colorful destinations in the US that are good for your soul, heart, and mind.

Colorful destinations will not only keep your mood light but also bring a little rainbow whimsy to your vacation.

Most Beautiful, Colorful Destinations to Visit in America -

Destinations that are vibrant, colorful, and vivacious shouldn’t always be the parks or fields flourished with flower blooms. Those could be the gushing waterfalls, springs, traditional shopping markets with local artifacts and handicrafts, famous localities, stunning mountain ranges draped in autumn colors, or streets adorned with colorful arts.

Let’s check out some of the most amazing US destinations that will live up to your expectations. And guess what? Miami has a mention in it.

Fall Foliage in the Blue Ridge Mountains: New Hampshire and Vermont make a regular spot for leaf-peeping. But visitors heading to the southeast will be blessed to have the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. In autumn, the Blue Ridge Mountains transform into something that people just love to capture and cherish it for a lifetime. The mountain ranges ablaze with colors, not blue, but yellow and orange. Budding photographers and adventure aficionados are suggested to hike up to one of the cliffs and capture the most staggering 360-degree views. Just wait for the overwhelming seasonal spectacle and then take the much-anticipated ride of the year!

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Oregon: For some serious color enthusiasts, tulip farms make a perfect escape. Look at the happy blooms, creating waves of vibrant colors that will surely take your breath away. One of the favorite tulip farms in the US is Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Oregon. It is also one of the largest in the northwest. From March end to May beginning, it hosts the annual tulip festival. This is when the color enthusiasts take in the majestic view of acres of land exploring in different colors. Come, be a part to witness it first-hand.

Sunflower Fields in the Dakotas: Imagine yourself surrounded by sprawling fields dotted with bright sunflowers. The Dakota landscape comprising both North and South Dakota is home to the largest sunflower fields in the United States. This means not just you are surrounded by the yellow flowers but the entire landscape is engulfed with shining gold. Choose Highway 83 for North Dakota and head on to I-90 for South Dakota. I-90 further leads you to Badlands National Park.

Art Deco District of South Beach in Miami: The Miami Beach Architectural District, popularly known as Miami Art Deco District, is a pastel paradise. Stroll through an array of buildings steeped in different hues, rendering a vintage feel. The District has over 900 historic buildings in soft colors of red, blue, grey, yellow, slightly green, and more, thus making Miami the most loved glamorous city in the state. Today, Miami Art Deco District is a prominent shopping hub. Enjoy guided tours, admire Art Deco architecture, and spend the holiday in style. To do all of that, book the stylish Miami vacation rentals in Florida from Search Florida Rentals.

French Quarter in New Orleans: Why would you prefer riding past the stately buildings when a lazy stroll can bestow you stunning sights? Conjure up the images of multicolor historic homes with bright floral window boxes, shutters, and floor to ceiling windows. You are meandering through New Orleans’ French Quarter and guess what – you are bounded to be bombarded with captivating vistas.

Havasu Falls in Arizona: Sit on one of the mounds, wander beneath the shimmering cascades, take in the turquoise waters, and appreciate Arizona’s awe-striking, colorful beauty. Wikipedia states, “Due to the effects of flash floods, the appearance of Havasu Falls and its plunge pools has changed many times. High calcium carbonate concentration in the water creates the vivid blue-green color and forms the natural travertine dams that occur in various places near the falls”. Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon region of Arizona is a waterfall of Havasu Creek, within Havasupai tribal lands. To immerse in its stunning colors, you must seek permission from the Havasupai people. For recreation, the place has picnic tables arranged on the opposite side of the creek. There is a campground nearby. Sounds fun?

Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone: Such a beautiful sight to behold! If it fails to intrigue you, then nothing will. The Grand Prismatic Springs is the largest hot spring in the country. Located in Yellowstone National Park, the hot spring exudes different colors, combining orange, yellow, red, green, and blue – that too depending on the temperature. Noted for its striking coloration, the spring is a perpetual colorful destination in America.

Bluebonnets of Texas Hill Country: If you are in Texas during spring (March and April), don’t forget to take an enjoyable drive through the Lone Star State to take in the magnificent views of Texas’ fields that come alive with gorgeous blue and white bells. The bluebonnet is the official state flower of Texas – while taking the ride you will be welcomed by the beautiful blooms on either side of the roads.

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