Best time to Visit Florida

Best Time to Visit Florida – North, South, & Central Region

As schools declare their summer holidays, the Sunshine State of Florida gets a hint of getting overcrowded. Families, spring breakers, beach lovers, and party animals make their way to the sun-kissed state to lounge, relax, and unwind. This surely gets the south-easternmost state massively thronged, hence the upsurge in the hotel prices. If you don’t want to be a victim and fall prey in the trap of big hotels, you should book Florida vacation rentals and know the best time to visit Florida.

In general, Florida is an excellent vacation destination with more than 300 days of sunshine, pleasant weather, and soothing climate. Contrary to this popular belief, Florida has its fair share of rain, thunderstorms, and scorching temperatures. Unless you are equipped with adequate knowledge about the weather and the best place to stay to save big, you know what your vacations will be like.

Florida in the Eyes Travelers World-Wide

Thrilling rollercoaster rides, beach volleyball matches, gorgeous coastlines, clear skies, warm waters for swimming and bathing, and delicious gastronomy – already imagining all these when you hear the word “Florida”? Florida has got this image engraved in everyone’s head. It definitely makes an ideal vacation for Europeans, Canadians, and visitors from the northern state of the United States. Speaking the truth, the state does experience many things other than what has been mentioned above.

Best Time to Visit Florida Actually Depends on What You Want from the Trip

What you want to do and where you want to go will, in fact, decide the best time to plan a Florida vacation. If given an opportunity, I would stick to my plans before remitting the payment for any random dates. For example, spring break destinations swarm with college students; the result: jammed packed beaches, theme park lines, and party scenes galore. Come (late) February and (early) March, spring breakers let loose and have a blast. Likewise, hitting the beaches of the northern region in summer just doubles up the fun and if you are into Disney adventure, simply try and avoid the summer months and the scorching heat.

When to Visit Florida – An Overview

Owing to geographical location, i.e. in the southeast of the United States of America and comprises the Florida Panhandle mainland and peninsular Florida with the Gulf of Mexico on the west and south and the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast, Florida tends to be warmer, sunny, and mild almost all year-around. The water bodies surrounding the state do have an immense climatic impact – diving into two climatic zones such as north and south.

Starting from the northwest and heading to the central region, it will bestow you a humid and subtropical climate. Proceeding to the south and further to the Florida Keys, you will get a tropical humid climate. Here’s a quick glance at when to visit Florida -

  • Beach Lovers: The most ideal time to go beachcombing and other water activities is May.
  • Families Visiting Disney Orlando Area: Attractions like Universal Studios and Disney World can best be explored and enjoyed in late fall. The weather would just be fine for a whole day outdoors.
  • Low Rain or No Rain and Warm Temperature: Months like October and May seem to flaunt the best rainfall and warmth. You get to enjoy the food without worrying about the hot weather.
  • Low Rain/ No Rain and Cool Temperature: November should be the month to book Florida vacation rentals. April is also considered quite a cool month with the lowest precipitation.
  • Sweltering Heat: May, June, July, August, and September are the major months that witness blistering heat. Orlando is the most affected. Also, remember that the summer months too experience rainfall (may result in violent hurricanes and thunderstorms).
  • Heavy Downpour: June through September – June sees the most rain.
  • Driest Season: Spring is the driest period in the state.

Best Months to Visit Florida -

  • January: 21°C, 7h of Sunshine, 21°C Water Temperature, 5 Rainy Days
  • February: 23°C, 7h of Sunshine, 20°C Water Temperature, 6 Rainy Days
  • March: 25°C, 9h of Sunshine, 21°C Water Temperature, 5 Rainy Days
  • April: 27°C, 10h of Sunshine, 23°C Water Temperature, 3 Rainy Days
  • May: 30°C, 10h of Sunshine, 25°C Water Temperature, 5 Rainy Days
  • November: 26°C, 6h of Sunshine, 24°C Water Temperature, 4 Rainy Days
  • December: 24°C, 6h of Sunshine,22°C Water Temperature, 5 Rainy Days

Best Time to Visit Northern Florida

When to visit North Florida

Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean on the northeastern side and the Gulf of Mexico on the northwest, the northern part of Florida is relatively warmer and sunnier than the southern region all year round. March through May is the most ideal time to enjoy a vacation with Miami, while spring witnesses rain a little with no hurricanes and thunderstorms. The average temperatures during the summer months (June through September) soar up to 33 degrees C. The winter months are pretty warm as well with the coldest months see temperatures up to 18 degrees C. Pensacola, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee are the most popular places to visit. Book Florida vacation homes in advance and explore the region in style.

Best Time to Visit Southern Florida

When to visit South Florida

If it is a south Florida vacation, Miami is the destination that pervades the mind at once. Part of the Atlantic Ocean and set on the Bay of Biscayne, the city of Miami is a well-known holiday hotspot for not just the local Floridians but also visitors from other American states and Europe. The beaches are the instant hit and the subtropical climate makes the summers hot and humid. The winters are quite dry and warm. For travelers wanting more of the beaches and beach activities, the winter months from November to April are the best time. Have you booked Miami vacation rentals, yet?

Fort Lauderdale is another outstanding South Florida vacation destination. It is known as the “Venice of America”. Drive down further to discover the quietness and tranquility of the Florida Keys. An archipelago, the Keys enjoy more of the Caribbean climate (with higher temperature average and less rainfall) than mainland Florida. The best way to have an enjoyable vacation in the Keys is to visit in December through May and stay at the Florida Keys vacation rentals.

Best Time to Visit Central Florida

When to visit Central Florida

Well, the central region of the Sunshine State doesn’t boast a beach. But it has something more enticing for families. Theme Parks! It is Orlando that attracts many to the land of theme parks. Months like March, April, September, and October are considered as the peak season. For vacationers looking to spend some relaxing days, autumn and spring are the best seasons. Book Orlando vacation rentals in advance and reap some discounts.

Florida Vacation - Ideal Travel Months for Europeans, Scandinavians, and Native Americans

Many cannot fathom the fact (basically, curious) that despite the stunning beaches of Portugal and Spain and the incredible Mediterranean why a massive number of travelers from the UK, Europe, and Scandinavia flock to the Sunshine State? The love affair between the Sunshine State and Brits, probably, had begun when the new Disney World entertainment complex was built. The entertainment complex by Walt Disney occupied an area of 40 sq. miles of orange groves outside the city of Orlando.

Sun, sand, surf, and shopping could be some of the driving forces. Florida is not just big but diverse. It has Rocket Launch at Kennedy Space Center (activity – all year round), Golden Stingray Migration (nature – May & November), Swimming with Manatees (activity – all year round), Beach Season (activity – all year round), Ichetucknee Blue Hole (activity – all year round), Stone Crab Season (food - October to May), Surfing (activity), and many more.

Miami - The Most Sought-after Destination for Europeans:

Amongst the European travelers, French tourists are mesmerized with Florida – particularly, show a strong armor for Miami. In the United States, Miami is the third most popular city (New York at #1 and Las Vegas at #2) for tourists from the continent. The European guests that make their way to the most bustling city in Florida are Dutch (3%), Swedish (4%), Spanish (4%), Italian (13%), British (15%), French (18%), and German (30%).

When Europeans Visit Florida?

July and August seem to be the months that see cities like Key West, Miami, etc. swarming with Europeans. Some key tips for the European tourists before flying down to the Sunshine State are –

  • Don’t be in a hurry to cover all regions at one go
  • Pick one city/ region and stay within it
  • Orlando is the best place for families to enjoy theme parks
  • Prepare for the sun (that’s what you basically want in Florida)
  • Book vacation rentals in Florida in advance to save big and enjoy the comforts of five-star luxury

When Native Americans Visit Florida?

The winter sun-seeking snowbirds and a vast number of spring break participants are seen flocking to Florida from mid-December through Easter. Summer (begins in June) and winter (November/ December) see an influx of visitors, particularly families with school kids.

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