Best time to visit Disney World

Disney World Is Least Crowded If You Visit During This Time

I heard you saying your Disney vacation was not so great. Was it because the theme parks were overcrowded and you didn’t have enough time to experience the fun?

Like you, there are many vacationers who come to the Walt Disney World Resort in the hope of making the most of the holiday. But when they return, instead of a happy face, they carry a gloomy one. If you don’t want a nightmare and have an unforgettable Disney vacation, this space is just for you.

When Should You Travel?

Next time you plan a Disney vacation with your lovely family, try to avoid holidays, summer vacation, weekends, and school breaks.

  • Avoid Holiday Periods: The U.S. has a long list of holidays. This is the time when maximum families prefer to fly down to Disney for their kids.
  • Avoid School Breaks: You have got to avoid this. School going kids are always on the lookout to have breaks where they can relax and unwind the incessant pressure of schools.
  • Avoid Summer Vacation: Summer vacations in the United States are the longest holidays. What can you expect? Do you think the rides and the parks are empty for you?
  • Avoid Weekends: What do most Floridians do when they have weekends? Office goers head straight to the beaches, while others (particularly families) resort to this astounding entertainment complex.

If you could avoid the above-mentioned points, you will certainly get the value for money experience in Disney.

So, when should you travel? The simple answer is to look the for not-so-peak season. Your kids will have more time to roam around the parks, watch their favorite shows, and learn many new things when there’s no race (people, here). January and February are the months when Florida experiences the bone-chilling weather and you can expect quite a few visitors. September through mid-November (just after school starts) is also an ideal time to outsmart the crowd.

What to Do If You Can’t Avoid Peak Tourist Season?

So, you are a kind of a person who likes to travel during peak season and expect to enjoy everything. In this case, what you should do is simply get FastPass+, not FastPass. When you get hold of these FastPassess+, you will strategically lock-in times for the top-priority activities and you don’t have to spend a lot of time in lines.

If Visiting in Peak Time, Be Ready to Pay More

Obviously! How can you escape yourself from this trap? The rides will be expensive, the shows will be expensive, and the accommodations will too be expensive. What to do then?

Disney Area Vacation Rentals to Come to Your Rescue

Can’t agree more! The best way to enjoy all the rides and be comfortable, not exhausted, is to book Disney Area villa rentals. These are the vacation rentals in Florida closely located to the theme parks and boast all the modern facilities.


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