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Kissimmee – Perennial Travel Hotspot and the Awesome Things Make it More Special

Another gem of Central Florida, Kissimmee, south of Orlando, is defined by its closeness to Disney Land that brings a wide range of amusement parks for endless fun. The city is home to numerous awe-inspiring attractions, which keep visitors engaging throughout the vacation. Lies along Lake Toho (Tohopekaliga), this Central Florida city takes pride in its lush Kissimmee Waterfront Park flaunting a fishing pier, walking paths, and playgrounds. Besides, the city hosts a number of places where the adventure enthusiasts would go thrilled. Grab your kayak gear to traverse around natural Florida, go zip lining high above the treetops, and pick up paddleboard to experience the ultimate adventure.

  • Old Town: Almost everyone knows about Old Town. This is one outstanding place with innumerable things to see and do for families. There are huge entertainment options, dining, shopping, and many more. It is dotted with more than 40 shops and a dozen dining places for you. It also houses amusement rides that are simply thrilling. Windstorm Roller Coaster is a favorite ride. Try your hands at Super Shot – you will feel flying and touching the stars as you go up to 150 ft. high. “Cruise Night” is a popular show on every Friday and Saturday.
  • Forever Florida: Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida should be the next great thing to discover in Kissimmee. It covers an area of 4,700 acres and has more than 10 miles of excellent hiking trails. Forever Florida offers an exceptional opportunity to interact with the wild creatures directly. Forests, streams, wetlands, and pastures are enough to give you the best natural exposure and spot black bears, panther, white-tail deer, and alligators. The Zipline Safari, Coach Safari, and Horseback Safari are to name the popular guided adventure trips offered for audacious travelers.
  • Be Part of a Dinner Show: While in Kissimmee how can you not be part of one of the three Dinner Shows? Enjoy an Italian buffet, nightclub cabaret, and witness many other things at Capone’s Dinner Show. It is a jovial hodgepodge. Medieval Times Dinner Show and Arabian Nights Dinner Show are the other two dinner shows in Kissimmee. Pamper your taste buds with a royal four-course meal, marvel at the unbelievable stunts, and scrumptious prime rib feast.
  • Green Meadows Petting Farm: You will get to interact with hundreds of animals at Green Meadows Petting Farm. It is said that people come and visit the farm often indulge in milking the cow. This is a pretty amazing sight here. Come across several hundred animals if taken a guided tour. Chickens, donkeys, geese, ducks, pigs, turkeys, and many more animals have taken refuge at this farm. Kids are going to love this spot as they feel joyous to see these animals.
  • Horse World: Love horse riding? Horse World is the place to go. Enjoy the quiet and serene countryside on a horseback ride. This will incorporate vitality in your and courage to your soul.

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