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Is Kissimmee a Great Place to Stay for Disney World?

Meet up your favorite Disney characters, shop around thousands of amazing Walt Disney World products, interact with the Theme Parks in a whole new way, enjoy the most thrilling rides, and gorge on some authentic cuisines – Disney World is a great place where you will have all these and more things to do. Also called Walt Disney World or the Walt Disney World Resort, Disney World attracts thousands of families from all around the world. If this is your first time in the Sunshine State of Florida, Kissimmee would make a great place to stay.

Is Kissimmee a great place to stay with families and friends when you are on a vacation? Here are the main (proven) reasons –

Proximity to Disney

Okay, you would say Orlando is a popular place too and it is quite close as well. Yes, I do agree with you. But, do you know the distance between Walt Disney World and Kissimmee is only 13 miles (approx.)? Will it make any difference? Get hold of a car and the drive wouldn’t be more than 30 minutes. Apart from its proximity to Disney World, Kissimmee is well-known for flaunting a quieter and tranquil neighborhood.

Ample Accommodation Choices

Don’t believe Kissimmee is close to Disney? Why not browse Search Florida Rentals and you will find an array of luxurious Kissimmee vacation rentals. They are the most sought-after vacation rentals in Florida. Come complete with fully-furnished vacation villas and condos, these rental properties promise to make your stay comfortable.

Holiday home rentals in Kissimmee are nothing but your home. Striking interiors, upscale amenities, and closeness to major tourist attractions are the reasons why modern travelers are turning their heads toward Kissimmee home rentals rather than hotels and motels.

Wake up to a refreshing morning, savor a cup of hot coffee right on the large private balcony, hit the big swimming pool to splash water, come out only to relish the mouthwatering brunch, and plan your day. After spending a day at the park, return to your abode and relax in the cozy living area. Your whole family can sit and enjoy dinner.

Affordable Vacation Rentals in Kissimmee

“Are they affordable?” Someone who has never sought or stayed at a vacation rental will only ask this. Kissimmee is known for offering affordable vacation condo rentals. has earned a special status/ recognition for catering to every desire. I’m not saying you have to compromise with comfort and luxury because villa rentals in Kissimmee, Florida are available at half of the price of a hotel.

Plenty of Eating & Shopping Options

  • Where to Eat? Kissimmee’s Top Restaurants: Not only does Kissimmee boast a fascinating range of attractions (including Disney theme parks), but also it has a gourmet dining scene that would never disappoint food lovers. From award-winning steakhouse fare and breakfasts to eclectic authentic Dominican cuisines, you get to eat the best foods in this beautiful city in the south-easternmost state of Florida. Savion’s Place is known for offering the Caribbean and American foods. Try tostones bowls and the pork ribeye with fresh green beans and sweet potato mash. Want to try southern flavors? Chef John’s Place, opened in 2012, is an upscale-casual eatery flaunting an eclectic menu featuring seafood dishes and steaks. You may like to grab the tables at King O Falafel, M&M’s Café, German’s Restaurant & Bierhouse, Bruo’s Italian Restaurant, and El Tapito.
  • Shopping around – Kissimmee’s Top Places to Buy Your Favorite Things:  The Great Magic Hall is a nice place for a night out with family or a date night with your partner. It has a friendly atmosphere and you would be amazed by the performances every hour. It is much more than a magic show. At Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, browse through dozens of luggage & clothes outlets, big-brand shoes, and more. Some of your favorite brands available here are Adidas, Armani, Azzaro, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Fila, Fossil, etc. Other popular places to buy stuff for your family are the Loop & the Loop West, Disney Springs, Old Town Portrait Gallery, World of Chocolate Museum and Café, and the LEGO Store.

Get around, Get Familiarized with nearby Areas

Do you have a car? Okay, you don’t need anyone’s permission to get around then. Kissimmee isn’t a big area. Whether you get to eat the best food in the town or go shopping spree, you will always have ample time to come back to your stunning home and relax. Speaking about the magnificent Disney World, it won’t take long when you have a car.

The county seat of Osceola County, Kissimmee is a main city of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford. Downtown Kissimmee is quite plain as it doesn’t flaunt any big skyscrapers. If you want to see the tallest building in the downtown, the Osceola County courthouse should be the place. Travel more to get yourself acquainted with the city.

Other Top Attractions in Kissimmee

Do you like to spend quality time with your little champ? Do you like to go outdoors and play? You couldn’t ask for more. The Kissimmee Lakefront Park is flourishing with countless kid-friendly activities. Play with your tiny tots, relax if tired, and admire nature. The park has water fountains to impress children. The little ones will splash the water, while you might grab a snack.

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