Striking Attractions for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Stuart’s 6 Most Striking Attractions for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The historic and charming city of Stuart on the Atlantic Coast of Florida makes a prominent travel destination. Once used as a place for shipwrecked sailors, Stuart, today, is highly acclaimed as the “Sailfish Capital of the World”. Moreover, the picture-perfect backdrop, great weather, Stuart Green Market, Live Music Event, and the historic downtown turn this little town into a global vacation hotspot. If planning a trip, ensure that you know what to see, what to do, and where to eat, shop, and sleep. Read on to know…

  1. Go Hiking, Go Kayaking at Halpatiokee Regional Park

To experience Stuart, whimsically called the “Happiest Seaside Town”, you must get out of your comfort zone and begin your sightseeing with a tour to this beautiful park. Take one step closer and get to know the rich flora and fauna as you choose the nature trails. Remember, the wildlife here is protected. The park has some of Florida’s best kayaking and hiking opportunities that would only get you closer with the untouched wilderness.

  1. Soak up Organic Hospitality on Santa Lucea Beach

Let’s be honest and admit that Santa Lucea Beach shows off the best sights and sounds of Stuart. Miles of spotless sugary-white sandy beach can entice anyone for an afternoon stroll or simply lazing around, fixing the eyes on the surfers hitting the shores, and soaking up the organic hospitality of the coastal sun. Or else, enjoy the cool breeze coming from the Oceanside and indulge in friendly banter with an old friend in a friendly environment. If the climate is great, you may like to try your hands at surfing.

  1. Trip Down the Memory Lane at Elliott Museum

Who says museums are for kids, seniors, and school teachers? When you happen to be in Stuart, Elliott Museum is a must-see attraction. Situated right in the heart of the city, the museum showcases a wonderful amalgamation of the best in art and best in technology exhibits. An abode to host plenty of history, the museum will give you a glimpse of the rich baseball past of the city, with genuine team memorabilia. Got a penchant for the car? Check out the extensive assortment of Ford Model A and AA vehicles.

  1. Devour the Sun at Shepard Park

A few minutes away from Florida villa rentals is this super-serene place to lose yourself in the lap of nature. Shepard Park rewards you the majestic nature vistas along with the breathtaking sunset. Let your kids feed egrets in the expansive, well-manicured gardens, while you are busy taking a romantic stroll with your partner, reminding her the beautiful old times.

  1. Accept Challenge at Stuart Escape Room

So, you got only 60 minutes to track down all the enigmas, puzzles, clues, etc. and escape. The Escape Room is an interactive adventure where you have to communicate with your family and friends to decode all the puzzles with clues. Decoding the puzzles and coming out of the room within the stipulated time will give you a chance to make it onto the Leaderboard.

  1. Unlimited Fun at Stuart Bowl

Families that have kids who are hard to be pleased – Stuart Bowl makes a great destination for them. Luxury at an affordable rate – yes, Stuart Bowl surely cranks up the fun for your whole family without breaking your account. This is a smoke-free entertainment zone where the entire family will have whale of a time. It has a number of bowling lanes for your tots.

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