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Why Everyone Is So Obsessed with Florida

Owing to its year-round pleasant weather, immaculate sandy beaches, emerald blue waters, scrumptious seafood, popular theme parks, and amusement parks, Florida makes an incredible vacation destination. Yes, it is a perpetual travel hotspot and people visiting the US is so much obsessed with the Sunshine State where holidaymakers come and witness the awesome culture, great food, breathtaking natural beauty, and pulsating nightlife.

World Class Tourist Attractions

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Everglades, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Kennedy Space Center – from the world-class family-friendly attractions to places with educational attributes, where else on earth you would find such varieties. While families with kids make their way to Orlando’s theme parks, party animals occupy their space in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Shop till You Drop

Buying an astronaut ice cream from Kennedy Space Center, a pair of Mickey ears from Disney’s Magic Kingdom to a sea glass necklace from Hutchinson Island and a pair of trendy clothes in the upscale venues like Mall at Millenia of Orlando, shopping gets more exciting and thrilling when you do it in Florida. It is as simple as purchasing a souvenir. A fashion and lifestyle agency says, “What makes Florida’s fashion scene unique is the diversity and consistent climate. Also, the state has people from various parts of the world who bring their own sense of style — from the native Floridian to the international jet setter to the snowbirds.” The Sunshine State has the world’s best shopping complexes.

Lazy, Pristine Beaches

Watch sea turtles nesting, go kayaking, balance on a paddleboard, try kitesurfing, spike a volleyball, do some yoga, and get wet - Vacationers to Florida and the locals alike don’t leave any stone unturned to give excuses to escape the heat and immerse in the thrilling water sports and beach activities. Take out your surfing gear and challenge the waves; in the afternoon, stroll along the beach promenade, stop at a waterfront eatery, and admire the fresh seafood. Flanked by palm trees, swanky high-rise building and upscale cafes, the beaches of Florida are quite intriguing.

Pleasant Weather

Probably, this is the only, major reason why not just Americans, but travelers around the globe throng to this beautiful state that enjoys 300 days sunshine, thus earning the official nickname, i.e. the ‘Sunshine State’. The climate in Florida is milder than any other sub-tropical destinations. Summers are truly enjoyable, fairly humid, and very warm. Winters are mild too with occasional invasions of cool air. The weather is so pleasant and ideal that outdoor activities just get more exhilarating and adventurous.

Sumptuous Florida Vacation Rentals

Planning a vacation to Florida with family and friends? Wish to stay close to all the major attractions, restaurants, shopping hubs, and other key locations? Want luxury stay at the most affordable rates? If you want all of them, the state has a wide range of Florida vacation rental accommodations at your disposal.


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